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Walkways and Entrances

Complete your home’s exterior with a beautiful  interlock front entrance and walkway.  Talk to us to about the many options of stones, pavers, and border materials that you can choose for your grand entrance!



Backyard Patios

Let us help design your dream patio.  Talk to us about different stones, colours and patterns to complete your outdoor space.




A Unilock driveway will add the final touches to a beautiful home exterior.   Choose from a variety of products that will support heavy vehicles, road salt use in the winter, and cold winter weather.  Whether you’re creating a new driveway or extending your current driveway, talk to us today to find the perfect stones or pavers to complete the look.



Pool Patios

Talk to us about options for finding the ideal pool deck for your backyard.  We can provide advice on non-slip surfaces and materials that will stand up to the salt or chlorine used in your pool!



Fire features

Add some warmth to your outdoor space by including a beautiful fireplace or firepit.  We offer many options of wood burning, propane and natural gas fire features.



Water Features

Complete your backyard oasis with a  beautiful fountain or waterfall, or maybe consider adding a jet or sheer descent into your pool.



Gardens and Accents

No entrance or backyard is compete without the final touches.  Interlock Impressions can help you plan your gardens and accent features in your outdoor space.



Walls and Steps

Add a 3-dimensional element to your yard by including accent walls, steps to another level, or a retaining wall around your garden.